Our Mexican Bakery Products

Come taste our tradition!

Our family has been baking amazing treats for five generations and since 1998 has been in Tulsa providing the community with specialties.

Below are the categories of products we serve, as well as custom made cakes for your events.

Really great place to pick up sweet treats when you’re in the Kendall-Whittier area.

We were first drawn in for churros (which we ate at a function at Circle Cinema many years ago) and that’s what has kept us coming back.  In fact, this last time in the cashier even asked if there were any left (because our tray was so loaded down with these tubes of deliciousness)!

Other favorites are the Panquesitos and the Conchas.   We have never tried the coffee drinks here but will because I can’t imagine anything better than an immediate churro fix with a cup o’ Joe.

Seriously, this is a baked good junkie’s paradise. I love the vibe of this place: simple, no frills, and producing delicious food. After making a trip around the wall of baked goods, I ended up with quite a few different things. Because I’m a chunk, many of them didn’t live to be photographed.

What I noticed is that the goods vary in sweetness. There are things that are super sweet, like the cookies, and things that are less sweet, like some of the cakes. My favorites were definitely the cookies, particularly the sandwich cookie with strawberry glaze. I’ll be back to try more; everything was delicious, you can’t beat the price, and my experience here was great! Definitely give this one a try!